Samsung Advanced ANC Earphones

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The Advanced ANC Earphones detect external noise using four built-in microphones on both the right and left side providing you with exceptional noise reduction. Use the device to upgrade your music listening experience and block out ambient noise– without audio quality reduction. The compact elegant design makes it not only highly portable but also perfectly suited to meet all of your fashion needs. Advanced ANC is equipped with handy ear wing tips providing you with wearing comfort – exercising hiking or just on the move. Audio output can sound different from the original sound due to each individual’s unique ear shape. The earphones deliver optimized sound by detecting in-ear sound and noise analyzing both sound sources and comparing this data with the original sound using built-in microphone sensors. Featuring triple-layered diaphragm speakers the Advanced ANC Earphones deliver clear mid-and high-range audio as well as powerful bass. Immerse yourself in a world of powerful balanced sound no matter what genre of music you prefer. Simply activate talk-in mode to hear your surroundings without pausing your music. Talk-in mode allows you to listen to your music and surrounding sounds at the same time by mixing sound inputs using separate circuits for your music and the external mics.



  • Talk Time: Up to 16hrs with ANC on
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable (USB)
  • Earbud Type: In-Ear Wired
  • Driver Type: 13 mm dynamic
  • Accessories Type: Headphones & Headsets



1 Year Warranty