Bintiva Yoga Mat Towel Stability Yoga Ball and Mini Pilates Ball

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Designed for Ashtanga vinyasa and hot yoga your super-absorbent hypo-allergenic and non-permeable microfiber mat towels are sized to fit directly on top of a standard yoga mat wicking away moisture and drying in half the time of a standard cotton towel. The stability ball is one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment. It is used by physical and occupational therapists; yoga and Pilates instructors chiropractors and other health and fitness professionals. It is great for exercising strengthening rehabilitating specific sports training and more and is also used as a replacement to the traditional office chair as the simple act of sitting on the ball activates core abdominal and trunk muscles thereby strengthening and toning them throughout the day. Your exercise ball is crafted from professional grade anti-burst Phthalate-free green eco-friendly materials. The textured non-slip material ensures safety when being used as a birthing ball or ball chair. Implementing the mini ball into your regular Pilates routine can help challenge your balance increase your range of motion or isolate muscles for targeted training. Though the ball is only 7 to 9 inches (20cm) in diameter this small tool can make a significant difference when it comes to tone core muscles.


Yoga Mat Towel Features:

  • 24" x 68"
  • Super absorbent - dries in half the time of a cotton towel
  • Acts as a substitute for yoga mat in a pinch
  • 88% Polyester 12% Nylon
  • Machine washable

Stability Yoga Ball Features:

  • Crafted from professional-grade anti-burst Phthalate-free green eco-friendly materials
  • Textured non-slip material
  • Promotes core stability strengthens muscle tone and improves balance and body posture
  • Provides ergonomic seating relieves back pain and shoulder aches

Mini Pilates Ball Features:

  • Crafted from professional grade materials
  • Can be inflated to between 7 - 9 inches
  • Textured exterior is soft and easy to grip for maximum ease of use
  • Used in yoga poses for extra focus
  • Yours Until Gone!


30 Day Warranty