Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Plus True Wireless Earbuds

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NOTE: This is the International Version and does not come with a US Warranty. Introducing Galaxy Buds+ The next generation of Galaxy Buds is here taking sound quality and control to new harmonic heights. From automatically tuning out unwanted noise¹ to a battery built to go all day the way you experience sound is about to change. Selective hearing Galaxy Buds+'s customizable fit tunes out unwanted noises while Ambient Aware lets you filter-in important sounds from the outside world like flight announcements oncoming traffic or your order number. 22 hours of serious sound Get up to 11 hours of nonstop music on a single charge. Then pop your Galaxy Buds+ in the wireless case and get nearly 11 more. In a rush? A three-minute charge gives you one hour of juice to power through a workout. Or share your phone’s battery by placing your buds on the back of your Galaxy for a wireless on-the-go charge. The sound you can feel Premium sound by AKG delivers superb dynamic range and exceptional sound accuracy thanks to the woofer and tweeter inside each tiny bud. What is an international version? Many Wearables manufacturers adapt their products to meet the customer or technical needs of a country or region. While the hardware design and production are often similar there may be missing features and software may be localized for language and technical dependencies. An International Version is not covered by a manufacturer’s US warranty and is exempt from any cashback offers the manufacturer runs on the US version. It also may contain instruction manuals and accessories for a different country.


  • Exactly what you want to hear. Galaxy Buds+ are the perfect fitting earbuds to isolate you from distracting noises so you can stay focused on what you want. And if you’d like to filter in some of the outside worlds to be more in-tune with your surroundings you can switch on
  • Ambient Aware2. Hear flight announcements oncoming traffic or your order number while still enjoying your favorite playlist or podcast.
  • 22 hours of serious sound. Get up to 11 hours of nonstop music on a single charge then pop your Galaxy Buds+ in the wireless charging case and get nearly 11 more. Forgot to charge them the night before? No worries. ?3 minutes of charging gives you one hour of playtime so you have enough juice for your commute or workout.
  • Your voice loud and clear. Ensure you’re heard clearly. A dedicated internal and two external microphones pick up your voice and isolate it from outside noises. When you’re on a call your voice comes through richly and confidently even in noisy locations.
  • Android & iOS are compatible. Pair with smart devices via Bluetooth. 5 Use the Galaxy Wearable app on Android and Galaxy Buds+ app on iOS to make the most of your earphones.


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